Our passion for Limited English Speakers and the interpreting industry

Who We Are

Decades of experience in the interpreting industry teamed up with amazing programmers.

Experience in the interpretation industry

We’re a team of experts with decades of experience in the interpreting industry and we’ve teamed up with amazing, talented programmers to bring you ALGOVI.

We’ve worked as COOs and CEOs, have consulted with multiple startups and established large interpreting agencies, so we know that the one tool that is paramount to every agency is its interpretation management platform. In fact, it is key to breaking through to the next level.  

How Algovi was created

Our clients were frustrated by the lack of platforms available to match their needs and so were we! There were always additional costs for appointments, scheduled, users, or licenses for functionalities like third-party billing. Options were not flexible or scalable, so the client couldn’t add functionalities to their chosen platform. We were eager to conquer those challenges. After brainstorming, we came up with ALGOVI, which we are convinced, addresses all those things missing from similar platforms.

We are confident that we have gathered all the needs and wants of interpreting agencies, their interpreters, and clients. Similarly, those needs and wants in an easy-to-operate platform will certainly increase your business.

Indeed, we are a group of individuals whose passion is to make your agency more efficient, profitable, streamlined, professional and scalable. Our belief is that once you achieve these goals, our LEP community ultimately benefits by increased and easier access to language services.    

What we do

Busy professional interpreters, makes for a more reputable interpreting agency.

Busy professional interpreters make for a more reputable interpreting agency.

Algovi interpreting management platform will automate and streamline the way in which you cover appointments and capture end times from phone calls. Best of all - we can code in any new functionalities as your business grows which puts you one step ahead of the competition!

We have also developed a phone system that integrates with our platform to make it the most powerful platform in the market.

Curious? Want to see how it works?  Contact us now for more information and a free demo.  


Most comprehensive CRM for langauge service providers. 

Managing several interpreting agencies, we know that there cannot be any limitations to how many users access your platfrom.

Record entries or appointment scheduled by your clients in our platform will never be charged.

You worked so hard to find an interpreter to cover your appointment, we will not charge you extra for any appointment booked. 

We have developed an amazing phone system that integrates with our platfrom. You can start providing over the phone interpreterts and connecting within seconds any language with us, ask us how. 

We are a group of individuals who have worked in every aspect of an interpreting agency as independent contractor interpreters, scheduling staff, recruting, sourcing, sales, payroll, accounts receivable, supervisors, mangaers, CEOs , COOs, CFOs, and bid writters. We know and love this industry let us share our platfrom and knowledge with you. 

Most platfroms out there are not flexible to your business needs, but our programmers can code almost anything into your platform. 

If you can dream it, we can code it in at no extra cost!